Busmarket service regulations

Busmarket service regulations


  • §1


The terms used in the regulations are, respectively:

  1. “Service Provider” - Tomasz Cieślik operating a business under the name Cieślik-Trans Cieślik Tomasz, Sieciechowice 232, 32-095 Sieciechowice, NIP 6821087838, REGON 120265820,
  2. “Service” - Internet service located at https://busmarket.com.pl/
  3. “Service User” - a natural person, legal person or entity without legal personality with registered account in the Service,
  4. “User Promotion” - activities aimed at promoting User's company's as described in details in §4. 1 and 2 of the Regulations,
  5. “Advertisement” – advertisement on a sale of a vehicle or vehicle parts prepared and published on the website by the User,
  6. “Advertisement Promotion”  - activities involving the promotion of User's Ads  described in detail in §4. 3 and 4 of the Regulations,
  7. “Vehicles”  - motor vehicles (buses, trucks, vans, and trucks, etc.), as well as trailers,
  8. “Spare Parts” – vehicles’ spare parts, pieces of equipment, construction elements and other parts.
  9. “Regulations” - Service Regulations,
  10. “Contact address”  – biuro@busmarket.com.pl.



  • §2

General Provisions

  1. Regulations define the rules of the Service Provider for the Users of services such as advertising on the website and / or promotion of Users and their ads.
  2. Access to the Service is available for the Users who can access the Internet and have an e-mail
  3. The User agrees to use the Service in a manner consistent with the law and good conduct. The Users acknowledge their responsibility for the content (including photos) of advertisements and their consistency with the actual and legal status.
  • §3

Registration and deletion of the account

  1. Setting up an account in the Service is possible only after the approval of the Regulations.
  2. By opening an account in the Service, the User enters into an agreement with the Service provider to provide the services under the conditions set in the Regulations.
  3. The User is allowed to have and to use only one account.
  4. The User is obliged to update the data provided during the registration of an account within 14 days of any change.
  5. The agreement referred to in paragraph 2 above is concluded for an indefinite period. The User may at any time terminate the agreement with immediate effect. After termination of an agreement, the user account will be removed from the Service.
  6. Service provider reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect in the event of a breach by the User the provisions of the Regulations. The termination of an agreement shall be made by sending a termination notice to the e-mail address specified by the User when registering for the Service.
  7. After termination of an agreement the user's account will be deleted from the Service.
  • §4

Advertising in the Service

  1. The user determines the content of ads. The content of ads must reflect the actual (factual and legal) status of the offered vehicle and/or spare parts. The content of the ads can not be misleading.
  2. The User is must complete all obligatory fields
  3. The User may place only one advertisement for a particular vehicle or any specific spare part. Only one vehicle or one spare part may be advertised in any one ad.
  4. The advertisement must contain the actual photos of a vehicle or a spare part.
  5. The User may modify the ads.
  6. The provider reserves the right to delete and / or to edit ads that breach provisions of the Regulations, in particular when their content is considered to be offensive, violates the provisions of applicable law or good conduct, or when they are misleading.
  7. The placement of advertisements on the site is a paid service. Payment rules, including in particular the way of payments and money can be fount at……
  8. Advertisements are visible on the website for 30 days from the date of their placements in the Service.
  • §5

Promotion of users and advertisements

  1. The users may promote their Companies in the Service (in the meaning of Art. 43 1 Civil Code). The promotion of users' companies is done by:
    1. placing a company's data (name, phone and address) in the "recommended dealers" section at the bottom of the website ("Promotion of a Company"),
    2. placing the company's banner at the top panel of the website ("Top panel advertisement"). The Users are obliged to prepare and upload their own banners. Service provider may refuse to place a banner when it violates the provisions of the Regulations, in particular § 2. 3 of the Rules,
    3. placing the company's banner in the side panel in the "Advertisements" column ("Side panel advertisement"). Users  are obliged to prepare and upload their own banners. Your service provider may refuse to place a banner when it violates the provisions of the Regulations, in particular, 2. 3 of the Rules,
  2. The company's promotion by placing the data/banner on the side panel and a banner on the top panel will take place through the alternate display of data and banners of subsequent users. Promotion time (promotion of the company, top panel advertising, side panel advertising) is 10 days from the date of the placement on the Service.
  3. Users are entitled to promote their advertisements in the Service. The promotion of ads is done by:
    1. placing an ad on a slider located on the homepage of the Service ("Promoted ads"). The service provider ensures that each promoted ad will appear on the home page of the Service for at least 3s.,
    2. placing an advertisement in the "Recommended ads" (below the slider on the homepage and in the side panel under "Recommended ads" on the other pages of the Service) ("Recommended ads").
  4. The promotion time for Users ads (promoted and recommended ads) are 10 days from the date of their publication in the Service.
  5. Promotion of ads and Users is a paid service. Payment rules, including in particular the way of payments and prices are available at…….
  • §6


  1. The User may purchase a package of services for advertisements and / or the promotion of users or advertisements on the Website ("Package").
  2. Packages are paid services. Payment rules, in particular, the method of payment, price, and description of the packages are available athttps://busmarket.com.pl/cennik.
  3. If you purchase a package the rules for publishing the ads, promotion of users and promotion od ads shall apply accordingly.
  • §7


  1. The user can file a complaint regarding the non-performance or improper performance of services by the Service Provider within 14 days of publishing them on the Website. Please send your complaints to our contact address.
  2. The complaint must contain: User account information, address of an ad or other information that will enable its identification, circumstances that prove non-performance or improper performance of services by the Service Provider, as well as the User's request. If the complaint does not contain all of the data referred to in paragraph. 2 above, the Service Provider will ask you for their completion.
  3. The service provider is obligated to answer your complaint not later than 14 days from the date of receiving a valid complaint, i.e. the complaint containing the data referred to in paragraph. 2 above.
  4. Service Provider liability is limited to the value of service that was purchased by the service user.
  • §8

Privacy Policy

  1. The sole administrator and operator of users' data is the Service Provider.
  2. Users' personal data are processed by the Service Provider in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data and the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means only for the purposes of content and termination of agreement for the provision of services.
  3. Pursuant to the provisions of the Act of August 29, 1997 on Personal Data Protection the Users have the right to inspect and modify their personal data at any time, as well as to demand their removal from the database.
  4. The Service Provider will make available the personal data of the Users only to entities that are authorized to receive them under applicable law.
  5. Service Provider uses cookies that are small pieces of information that are stored on the computer of persons using the Service that allow him to customize the services and content to suit their needs and preferences, as well as to develop general statistics regarding the use of the Service. Data obtained from "cookies" are anonymous.
  • §9

Final Provisions

  1. The service provider does not mediate in transactions between the Users and the Parties interested in acquiring vehicles described in the ads. The service provider is not responsible for the ability of sellers and buyers to complete transactions, as well as their failure or improper performance of the transaction.
  2. The provider is not responsible for the quality or legality of offered vehicles, as well as the truthfulness and accuracy of the information contained in advertisements.
  3. The matters not regulated herein shall be governed by common law, in particular, the Act of 23 April 1964 - Civil Code and the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services.
  4. Any disputes related to the services provided by the Service shall be resolved by the Polish courts of law.
  5. Regulations are available at the website.



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